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Mobile App Development Company, SEO Services
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Are you a Business Owner looking to Grow your Business, Stay ahead of your competitors, Increase Conversion Rates,Maximize Sales and Revenue, but have limited budget.

Have you been spending lot of money promoting your Business using traditional means like newspaper/magazine ads, printed brochure etc. without getting desired results.
Did you know you can achieve all these and much more with Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

SEO is the technique and process of increasing the traffic to website from various search engines. Higher the ranking of website in search engines, higher the traffic website will get.SEO is now one of the most important promotion mediums in almost all business big or small all over India.

Being an experienced and result-oriented SEO company, we offer economical SEO Packages to our clients with money back gurantee. We are located in Noida in Delhi NCR Region with clients all over India and abroad.
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Benefits of SEO Services

Benefits of SEO Services SEO Services has become an integral part of the marketing strategy including digital marketing of all business whether small or big. For the small and medium enterprises, SEO has taken over as the most preferred form of advertisement as well as increasing the customer base because of its advantages over traditional form of advertisement.

SEO offers many benefits over other form of advertisement and business promotion including being a low cost form of promotion, have wide reach, measurable, low customer acquistion cost, targeted etc. With an exponential growth of Digital Marketing in the last decade, SEO is now a must for small, medium as well as large organizations. Based out of Noida in Delhi NCR, we can help you in generating leads and increase in sales at a very low cost.

Some advantages of SEO

  • SEO would increase traffic to your website which would generate more business for your company.

  • SEO has the widest reach of all the form of advertisement and marketing. Reach out to new prospective customers throughout India and the world.

  • Most economical form of advertising and marketing. Lowest client acquisition cost.

  • Instead of you searching for new customers, the customers would reach you. Reach out to potential buyers from all over the world.

  • Search Engine Optimization is measurable, targeted and interactive

  • Be available to your prospective buyers 24x7.

Why us for SEO Services?

  • Best quality and most competitive pricing.
  • International Standard Website Designing
  • Timely completion of project.
  • Excellent after-sales service.
  • Top listing on google, yahoo etc. is ensured.
See below to know more about SEO process, SEO Activities to promote a website along with some case studies.

Choosing Right SEO Company

Choosing Right SEO Company When a company decides to go for the SEO Services for its website, the first right thing that it must do is to select the right SEO Company which can take the ranking of its website on top of search engines for relevant and good keywords. Search Engine Optimization is the best form of advertisement particularly for a small and medium enterprises and getting a right company for its SEO endeavor can transform its business beyond expectations. Even if few of the relevant and good keywords of a business appears on 1st page of google, it would mean regular flow of good inquiries from potential buyers. Also remember, the inquiries received from SEO is the best kind of inquiry as the potential buyer is searching for the seller and there is great probability of it becoming a customer.

Qualities to look for in SEO Company

  • Experience: SEO Services is all about hardcore experience and hard work. The SEO company should have years of experience in optimizing various websites for different types of keywords. Even if a company have best of infrastructure and resources but lack in experienced SEO professionals, it may not be able to achieve the desired results.

  • Case Studies: An experienced SEO company would have a lot of case studies to offer to its clients. If a company can show many of its clients with the top ranking on google with good and relevant keywords, it can be a potential vendor for your SEO work.

  • Good and Relevant Keywords: We have used the sentence "Good and Relevant Keywords" many a times above. They should be relevant to the business and it should not be too long and very specific. If a SEO company is showing long keywords on top ranking on google, it may not be an experienced one. A relevant and good keyword should not consists of more than 2 or 3 words. It is easy to get long keywords on top position on google as compared to small keywords. For example: a keyword "school furniture manufacturers in India" may be easy to get top ranking on google but the keyword "School Furniture" would not be easy. So "School Furniture" is the good and relevant keyword.

  • Content Writing: Content Writing Services is an important segment of Search Engine Optimization and a SEO Company should have a good team of content writers. A company which does not have any good content writers would copy content from other websites and when it does so the website would never be promoted on search engines as it is against the policy of google and other search engines.

  • Website Designing: The SEO company should be proficient in designing and development of SEO-friendly website where some balancing needs to be done between designing requirements of the client and the SEO constraints.


SEO Case Studies

With so many fly by night SEO company offering very low price to attract customers but could not produce results for clients, it has become imperative to do proper due diligence before appointing any SEO Company. And the best way to check the credentials of a company is by checking the case studies of its clients for relevant keywords.

SEO Packages

One good aspect of SEO Services is that it can be used as a business promotion tool by every types of businesses. Whether it is a startup or SME or a large corporate, manufacturer, trader, exporter or service provider, every company can take advantage of SEO. Intellect Technologies, Noida also offer packages for every budget and our starting SEO package starts with Rs. 7500/- per annum only.

SEO Process

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves a lot of processes and is a time consuming activity. From designing a SEO-friendly website to right keywords selection, web pages optimzation, images optimzation, good content writing, links building, submission in good directories, linking with Social Media Accounts, blogs submission, research on competitors website and keywords etc. Our team, based in Noida (Delhi NCR) have the required experience to perform all these processes and ensure top position for your website.


Although both Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are Digital Marketing tools but SEM is a broader tool involving both SEO and paid marketing options like pay-per-click advertisements including Ads of Google etc. Depending on the budget, one can choose between SEM and SEO. If a company has a higher budget then it can go for SEM as it will not only ensure SEO (organic listing) of its website but it would get instant leads and inquiries through pay-per-click online advertisement. Our team located in Noida (Delhi NCR) is a widely recognized and topmost SEO company in India offering an affordable SEO Services.


SEO and Social Media Optimization (SMO) are two different Digital Marketing Tool. While SEO would help in generating leads from search engines like google, SMO would involve advertisement on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. SMO is also a good option for Brand building, creating awareness of a product/service, new product or service launch etc. With millions of users on social media platforms and hours of time being spent on it, there are many new and innovative ways of business promotion being evolved using SMO techniques. Our company from Noida in Delhi NCR offers SEO and SMO at affordable price with best possible results.
Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos

With Video being one of the fastest growing section of web, promotional videos have now become an important and integral part of Marketing Strategy of all types of business whether small or large. It can lead to an increase in sales of business by upto 230%. With data charges hitting the rock bottom and internet speed improving even in the remotest of villages, promo videos has become the preferred mode of brand building and increasing sales.


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